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Here what some of our patients have to say…

About Tendonitis and Arthritis:

“Cortisone shots did not work for me - Core has. Their holistic approach to patient health makes sense and gets noticeable results. 
Thanks Core!!”

T.S., Guilderland

About Fibromyalgia:

“Core PT is the most helpful place I have ever been associated with. With arthritis and fibromyalgia they have “miracle fingers”. They fix what hurts and tell you why it hurts.”

S.G., Voorheesville

About Severe Fibromyalgia: (a message from 2003):

“Here is a great success story for anyone who comes through these doors. I first started coming to this office in May 2001, where I met John V. Murphy, PT. At that time, I was in rough shape. I experienced constant physical pain all over my body. I had to have someone drive me to appointments. I didn't have much hope of improving. On my worst days, I could hardly walk into the office. I had no energy to walk. I had to stop working. As the weeks progressed, I was showing signs of great improvement. I received so much encouragement from John. He was so dedicated to helping me.  John never gave up on me. He always seemed to make me feel better. I am independent now. I am living and enjoying my life again! I am back to working! I could not have made it without the help, dedication, determination, caring, professional manner, sense of humor, and the obvious love of the job from John . Thanks John, for all you have done to help me!”

Cheryl K

About Friedreich’a Ataxia:

"Friedreich's Ataxia is a neuromuscular disease, which has affected me for about twenty years. In that time,  I have worked and communicated with many physical therapists and rehab specialists. To me, communication with somebody who is working on my body is very important. The people at Core Physical Therapy have been, by far, the best physical therapists I have worked with. They have all been straightforward and receptive to my questions and concerns about my treatment. I feel a path has been mapped out with a progression in mind. They have left the work to me. Only I can make the improvements, they are laying a path, which I am following.

Other therapists have seemed to set limits for me based on the clinical studies of others. I believe at Core Physical Therapy,  they treat the individual and that attitude has led to results. I am currently confined to a wheelchair and have been for more than five years. It has been about ten years since I have been able to walk without assistance. During that time, feelings of dependency and that I cannot and should not walk alone have built up in me. Confidence has been a major issue. Since working with Core Physical Therapy,  I have gained the confidence to acquire a walker, because it has become a realistic goal, in my mind, that I can graduate to the level of using it for mobility. I realize that if I continue to follow the path that the individuals at Core Physical Therapy are leading me down, I can achieve.

My treatment has involved working on natural things that my body has forgotten to do, such as sitting up straight, and not depending on leaning back against where I am sitting. We have worked on trunk stability through a variety of exercises, many of which we devise and improvise as we need them. Again, Core Physical Therapy had worked with me. Much of my program they have developed based on my input of what I feel I need to work on.  My physical therapy is long term in nature and I have been deeply impressed with my treatment at Core Physical Therapy. I have been so impressed with the manner in which they have worked with me that I would enthusiastically recommend them to anyone in need of physical therapy. My experiences with them have been extremely good and they have made my therapy fun. This has played a large and important role in my progression. I have enjoyed the way they have worked with me and I have vast respect for their knowledge and the way they do things.”

Robert P.

About a Frozen Shoulder:

“Core Physical Therapy has provided me with such exceptional care that I felt compelled to share the news. When I first walked into their office with a frozen left shoulder, I had already spent three months with chronic pain and sleep deprivation. Prior to this problem, I had been a healthy 49 year-old woman. At that point, due to difficulty in diagnosing the cause of my pain, I had seen about five specialists, had undergone numerous X-rays, MRI's, and PET scans and had ingested a steady diet of various anti-inflammatory drugs and pain-killers. No longer able to function as a teacher, I took a leave from work. I felt anything but healthy. A frozen shoulder syndrome can last up to three years.

After just a few sessions with Core, I drastically reduced my use of pain medication and began to regain my range of motion, my hope for recovery, my life.  On my very first visit another patient gave me a testimonial about her treatment here. This was encouraging, but at the time I did not realize that this was only the first of many such waiting room conversations. Friends (including my husband) and colleagues who've visited have been similarly impressed with their care. There are reasons for Core's success. It's relatively small size means more personal attention. I always felt valued. Appointments were held exactly on time. My thirty minute one-on-one sessions involved ongoing assessment and treatment tailored to my presenting needs. This holistic approach allowed for my recurring back problems to be addressed along with my shoulder. Communication and education were inherent in the process. Sharing information about my condition as well as learning about its treatment were key. My questions (and I had many) were always answered in detail; diagrams were used to show how the body worked.

Therapists there were constantly updating their knowledge through workshops and sharing with each other so that they were able to use a variety of techniques to help me. I was fascinated by how my treatment was able to evolve in many unexpected ways to fully restore my functioning. Most importantly, Core Physical Therapy is a dynamic group of warm, caring people with a common mission to continually learn and serve. There is such positive energy and enthusiasm for helping others, I found it truly remarkable. This is a special place; I will never forget how special.”

Chris VA

About Stopping Neck Surgery:

“Thanks Core! After dealing with chronic neck pain for several years, I thought I tried and did everything and it still wasn’t better. I even considered surgery. You found what was causing the pain and fixed it right. I will always come to Core first for treatment of all of my aches and pains.”

Best Wishes, 

Baby with a Crooked Neck-Torticollis:

“My son was born with a severe neck problem that the doctors said would correct itself in 8 years. After about ten visits to Core Physical Therapy,  his neck was perfect. Core has helped my back and my newborn son’s neck. You will always be our family’s first choice for physical therapy.”

D.B. Clifton Park, NY

About Severe Arthritis:

“I have severe arthritis so that there is no cure. However, with weekly treatments at Core, my pain is manageable and I do not take medications. They understand my body and what I need. I only wish that I started Core earlier so that I would not have suffered for so long.”

P.M. Clifton Park, NY


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