In-Person Consultations

Demand PT takes the complexity and hassle out of getting the answers you need.  Our therapists will meet with you for the amount of time and you need and get you the answers you need so that you can take the steps you need to be healthy.

You are busy.  You do not have the time to wait for therapy, take time off of work, or to take any missteps on your health path.


Treat Smarter, Consult with the Experts

Misinformation and dogma are pervasive in healthcare.  At Demand we do better.  There is a time for surgery, time for rest, time for exercise, and a time for the infinite amount of interventions the world of medicine can provide.  At Demand, your therapist will provide an understanding of the root cause of your symptoms so that you can navigate your way back to health.  

An Unbiased Evaluation

Surgeons do surgery and chiropractors crack.  We are glad they do.  There is a time and a place for each and there is a time and a place for many other solutions.  Demand will look at your specific situation and bring an understanding of your symptoms and the internal and external needs of your body.  

 A path to success

We will put you in the position for success.  You will be given a written explanation of why you have the symptoms you do so that you can take the best action to remove the cause of your disease.  When you leave your consultation you will feel better and you will have the tools to get better for good.