Demand PT

Our patients demand the best of us and we listen.  The problem is we can't be everywhere at once and we can not train therapists fast enough to meet the demand of the community.  

Our solution is Demand PT.

Our customers:  

Out of town and international patients

Professionals with demanding schedules


Video Consultations

Our video consultations provide an in-depth history and an exam without the expense and hassle of traveling to see us.  You will get a better understanding of the causes of your pain and we will match you with the type of healthcare practitioner in your area that can best help you attain your goals.


In Person Weekend Consultations

If you are unable to wait for a standard appointment at Core PT we have a solution for you.  Our most experienced therapists have limited weekend hours to service our clients that demand more.  Demand PT will evaluate and treat you in a convenient weekend appointment in order to discover the best course of treatment for you. 

CUT AND PASTE IN BUTTON:  Demand PT shares the talent of Core PT but the business practices are different.  Demand does not accept insurance assignment and will not communicate with insurance companies in any way.  Cost of Demand PT is dependent on the demand of the therapist so rates will fluctuate.  Range of costs are listed by available therapists name but for actual cost please call our dedicated line for immediate assistance.  


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