Egoscue is all about posture and helping the manual therapy treatments become more permanent. Let’s go back to the Manual Physical Therapy example for a moment.  You had broken your right arm and it’s been causing you some left knee pain. From the broken arm your shoulders are at different levels, one is higher while the other is slouched. The knees on the other hand, from a side view, may be bent at different angles. One knee may be flexed more, causing the feet to be at different angles and positions too. All that from one broken bone. So, back to the Egoscue program. Egoscue is an exercise based program that utilizes pictures taken of your posture and shows you where your alignment should be versus where it actually is. With different stretches and exercises, one of our therapists (possibly a different one than your manual therapist), can get you where you need to be. Egoscue also goes hand-in-hand with the manual physical therapy here. As your therapist treats the arm and knee problems, for example, your posture will improve. With the Egoscue stretches and exercises, the postural changes you have gained will become more permanent. Without the Egoscue exercises, the treatments your therapist has been giving you can simply disappear and the pain can return because your posture is so used to being in an over compensated position.